Annette Sloan, Food Freedom Coach

Ever feel like you’re missing out on life because you’re too
busy thinking about food?

Count up all of the social invites you declined, so you wouldn’t get seduced by the carbolicious appetizers…

The family conversations you skipped to prepare your own healthier version of that night’s meal in an attempt to be “good”…

Or the laughs you passed on while mentally debating whether to order the pasta you wanted or the salad you should eat.

Out of fingers yet?

That’s not even the worst part though, is it? Few people get how all-consuming your battle with food and weight really is. (Or why you insist on pre-inspecting restaurant menus online.)

They don’t realize that the more you try to control your diet, the more you turn you into a frenzied maniac when sweets enter your peripheral vision. (Work stress? Meet cookies.)

And they don’t see how your restrictions, bingeing and obsessive thinking are symptoms of the root problem: Feeling, deep down, like you’re not good enough.

As a recovering health addict, I know all about the emotional toll food fixation can have on your life. Food is the drug…and it’s available around every corner.

I punished myself for “cheating,” praised myself when I stuck to my rigid rules, and felt superior over others who couldn’t match my self-discipline when cheesecake was on the dessert menu.

But since I started feeding my whole self, I’ve made my peace with food and found healthier ways to manage my stress. I’ve learned that healthy eating isn’t about willpower, but about viewing food (and myself) through a lens that empowers me instead of shames me. And I’ve realized that what I eat or what I look like isn’t a measure of my worth.

I want this for you, too.

I’m Annette, a Food Freedom Coach and Emotional Eating Educator certified through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. And I help women break up with binges, banish body bashing, and rediscover the pleasure and joy of food. No shame. No guilt. No deprivation.

You deserve to enjoy a healthier relationship with food that nourishes you from head to heart, so you can save your energy for what truly matters in life.

And it starts right here.