Benefits and Steps of doing Sarvangasana Yoga

Benefits and Steps of doing Sarvangasana Yoga

The name of Sarvangasana itself tells the whole story, Sarvangasana means all body posture, by doing this asana, blood circulation is done in all the parts of the body, blood is moving from the feet to the head. Provides new energy to every part of the body, its regular practice makes the body healthy for 100 years.

All the parts of the body are exercised through this asana, hence it is called Sarvangasana. It is also called the king of asanas. By doing this, the blood flow is turned upside down, which strengthens the veins. 

Let us know the benefits and steps of Sarvangasana Yoga-

  1. First of all, place a mat or carpet in a clean place.
  2. Lie on your back. And mix both legs together.
  3. Place both hands on the ground. And keep the body loose.
  4. Breathing out and lift the feet upward without turning.
  5. As the legs are raised upwards, so also lift the waist upwards.
  6. Try to lift the legs and back to 90 degrees.
  7. Raise the back and waist upwards through the hands.
  8. While doing this yoga, the face should be facing upwards. And elbows resting on the ground.
  9. While doing this yoga, the fingers of the hands are in front of each other while supporting the back with hands. And the direction of the thumbs should be towards the stomach.
  10. Now come back to the previous stage.
  11. Do this asana according to the capacity of the body.

Benefits of practicing Sarvangasana Yoga 

  1. It is very effective to increase the light of the eyes, but keep in mind that the eyes should be closed while doing this asana.
  2. Sarvangasana is helpful in reducing weight.
  3. By performing this asana, weakness, and fatigue are removed.
  4. These asanas move the thyroid gland.
  5. Both shoulders and back become strong.
  6. Sarvangasana is beneficial in alleviating the problems of digestion and constipation.
  7. This asana is very beneficial for those who are suffering from asthma.
  8. By doing this asana, blood is circulated in the brain and the brain also intensifies.
  9. This asana corrects the problems of menstruation and the uterus of women.
  10. New freshness on the face and amazing glow by regularizing this asana.
  11. This asana is very effective in the problem of hair fall, loss, ripening.

Sarvangasana asana protects the body from many diseases, so it should be practiced regularly. Do this asana according to the capacity of the body and gradually increase the time to stay in this asana.

Precautions while performing Sarvangasana Yoga Pose

  • If there is any chronic pain in the neck, do not do this asana.
  • Heart patients should also avoid doing this asana.
  • While doing the posture, keep a person standing with you, so that no untoward happens.
  • Do not strain your legs while doing the posture.
  • Keep all the weight on your shoulders.
  • A pregnant woman should not do this asana.

Do these asanas before Sarvangasana Yoga

There are some asanas that must be done because it opens the waist, thigh, neck, and shoulders. And it is also easy to do all congregation. Let us know which are those postures.

  • Markatasana
  • Sethubandhasana
  • Ardha Halasana

Do these asanas after Sarvangasana Yoga

  • Matsyasana
  • Shavasana


Sarvangasana Yoga asana is a very effective exercise because it stabilizes the body as well as the mind. It also balances your Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which is very important for living a healthy life. This posture also increases your metabolism, which does not increase your obesity and you remain fit even after working for a day.

While practicing this, just take care that you do not let the legs get tense, otherwise, this asana will not be of many benefits for you. And yes, do not fall back on a single stroke. Carefully follow the steps of Sarvangasana mentioned above and read the benefits.

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