Does Shilajit use men?

Does Shilajit use men?


The word shilajit is taken from the Sanskrit words shila (rock) and Jatu(Gummy secretion). Shilajit is a naturally occurring material primarily found in the Himalayan region. It has been used for ages due to its alleged health benefits.

According to some studies, over generations, latex and resin-bearing plant matter from species like Euphorbia, royleana and Trifolium repens, decomposes or humifies to produce Shilajit.

Although the uses of Shilajit are many, people today have restricted it to muscle building or improving sex drive. Due to its versatile nature even in todays time many people use Shilajit.  In this blog, we will discuss the how to use shilajit, its history and its original taste in brief and will also clear some misconceptions about it.  

History of Shilajit

The story of how humans came to found shilajit varies.

According to stories passed down through the ages, hunters and food gatherers initially discovered it. People saw sick and injured animals licking on a black material stuck between rock cracks.

They discovered that these animals recovered more quickly and effectively. That’s when they started to link Shilajit to their quick recovery. The instincts of animals served as a guide for those who saw these things. They treated their wounds and high-altitude illnesses with the same black substance.

They soon began mining the rocks that held it. After they arrived home, shilajit resin was extracted from them. Some consumed it uncooked, while others purified it using primitive methods that removed dirt, stones, and other contaminants along with shilajit extract.

Later it was adopted by Ayurveda and since then it has a great significance in treating certain issues in Ayurveda. Especially the issues faced by men general health and wellbeing. Lets look at what are the uses of Shilajit for men

Shilajit Benefits for men

Increase Testosterone Level: Shilajit may help men maintain appropriate testosterone levels, which can affect their strength, size, and general well-being, according to certain studies.

Improve sexual Energy and Stamina: Shilajit help boost stamina and also enhance energy levels, which can help men feel more aroused and have better sexual life.

Enhanced Physical Performance: Athletes and fitness lovers may use Shilajit to improve physical performance and endurance during exercise or sports activities.

Improve Cognitive Function: It is thought that shilajit has neuroprotective qualities, which could enhance mental clarity, focus, and memory.

Anti-aging: It is frequently regarded as a rejuvenating agent and may aid in slowing down the external and internal aging process.

Although Shilajit has many benefits but it also depends that one must consume proper dosage and have knowledge of when to consume. Lets have a look at what is the best time to consume Shilajit. 

Shilajit Benefits for men

Do you Know?

Does Shilajit increase sperm count ?

Shilajit may increase sperm count and other male fertility metrics, according to certain studies, however further research is required to determine its efficacy and mechanisms of action.

Is Shilajit good for fertility?

Shilajit has long been used to enhance male fertility; some research even suggests that it may increase the quantity and quality of sperm. Further investigation is need to corroborate these results, though.

Does Shilajit boost energy?

Yes, shilajit is well-liked by men looking for a natural solution to fight fatigue and boost stamina because it is thought to increase energy and vitality.

How should men consume Shilajit?

Shilajit is usually taken as a powder or in the form of capsules, mixed with juice, milk, or water. Individual demands and health objectives may dictate changes in the dosage and frequency of administration.

 Best time to take Shilajit

According to Ayurveda, digestion is more active in the morning. In addition, Shilajit might throw off your typical sleep schedule because it contains a lot of energy when taken in the evening. And this is definitely not what you want to happen. Thus, taking Shilajit first thing in the morning may have a positive effect. Now as far as to know how much Shilajit one can take in a day. Generally speaking, the suggested daily intake of Shilajit resin is 300 mg to 500 mg.But one must consult a healthcare professional before increasing the dosage and should not consume if have any underlying medical history. 

There is also a question about good sourcing of Shilajit as there is a lot of Duplicacy going on in the market which makes it hard for the general customer to find good quality Shilajit and they end up consuming poor quality stuffs leading to health issues rather than benefits. So one must be curious about how pure shilajit tastes. 

Taste of Pure Shilajit 

Pure Shilajit can have a variety of tastes, but it’s commonly described as earthy and bitter and has a hint of metallic aftertaste. Some folks also notice subtle herbal or mineral undertones. Since Shilajit resin’s flavour may be really strong and intense, many people choose to eat it blended with other foods or drinks to lessen its intensity. Most people don’t usually find it pleasant; however, the possible health benefits might outweigh the taste for certain people.


Shilajit is a fantastic natural supplement with a multitude of possible health advantages. Always use Shilajit in a proper manner, by following the suggested dosage recommendations based on the type of Shilajit you select to avoid further health complications. Make sure you speak with a healthcare provider to establish safety and effectiveness before using Shilajit for any purpose, including testosterone support or general well-being. With the appropriate amount and time, you may unlock the many benefits of this age-old herbal treatment and enhance your general health and vigor by including Shilajit in your daily routine.

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