How Participating in Water Activities Keeps You Healthy?

How Participating in Water Activities Keeps You Healthy?

Did you know that being in and around water is good for the body, mind and soul? It is, and the benefits of “blue space” are many. Behaviorists say that water has a psychologically restorative effect on human beings, and it’s quite incredible what water can do for every individual. Participating in water activities keeps you healthy, and the wonderful thing about that is you have tons of fun and exciting options.

5 Water Activities Keeps You Healthy

Blue Space In Any Form

Studies have been done on the power of being in and around water, and the science shows that people fare better being outdoors and interacting with their physical environment. In fact, many folks prefer blue space over green space, and it can be an ocean, lake, river, waterfall or even an urban fountain.

Water is literally immersive, and it can help you connect with your emotional state and help you put your life into perspective.

Water Activities–In The Moment

Psychologists believe that there are great benefits to just walking along the beach. It is calming and a place to let go and de-stress.

When you get into the water and move with it, the value is even greater because you are tuning into the natural forces of your environment. It has a healing effect and also delivers excellent exercise benefits.

For example, if you want to look into surfboard rental options for a blast riding the waves, it’s a great activity in the water whether you’re a beginner or experienced surfer. Surfing and sailing and swimming are just three amazing activities that will bring you right into the motion of the wind and the movement of the water. It forces you to be in the present and can have an incredible effect on the body.

In Water–Ideal For All Ages

Playing in the water does a body good in four areas of physical well being. These include aerobic, balance, flexibility and strength.

When you’re moving in the water, it gets nearly all of your body’s muscle groups in action. it is also a low-impact activity, so your joints and muscles will feel less stress when immersed in the water.

In addition, being active in the water is especially helpful for older adults because the water is cooling on a hot day and also supports one’s weight. It is recommended for those with osteoarthritis and obesity.

Being in and around blue space is ideal for pregnant women, too, as the water adds support for the weight of the baby.

Kids enjoy playing in water, and as long as you are keeping a watchful eye, they thrive on the physical recreation and can find splashing about and running around in the water to be invigorating and a place to let off steam.

Children benefit by improving balance, strength and coordination when they’re participating in water activities.

Better Sleep And Better Mood

Not only is joining in water activities awesome for burning calories, but getting exercise in and around blue space is healthy for your mental wellness. Exercise, in general, allows us to sleep better at night, and when you’ve been active in the water such as swimming, the recreation helps you to reduce your stress and assist you in catching those all-important zzzs.

People love their blue spaces and reveal that being in the water makes them feel happier and better about themselves.

Studies also show that individuals with depression reported a boost in self-esteem when taking part in water-based recreation.

When you play in and around the water, you can also meet others participating in these activities. Blue space lifts the mood and allows you to be more socially connected.

Calorie Burning Water Sports

You have superb options in water activities, and if you’re eager to drop pounds, you’ve chosen the right environment for torching calories and maintaining a healthy physique.

If you surf, you can burn up to 300 calories per hour.

Windsurfing can melt up to 1,000 calories per hour.

Waterskiing can drop up to 500 calories per hour.

You get the idea. Our advice is to have a blast, and get out there in and around water. Blue space is a beautiful thing and really beneficial for health and wellness.

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