5 Ways to Lower Creatinine Level Naturally

5 Ways to Lower Creatinine Level Naturally

The waste product that is found in the blood and urine of a person is known as creatinine. If you want to know how well your kidney is working, you should do the creatinine clearance test. The symptoms of high level are drug toxicity, kidney infection, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease etc. Under normal circumstances, your body can filter and bypass these substances. If you are facing certain health problems, your body can hinder this problem. You can reduce your it’s levels by following several techniques. Here, we will discuss five ways to lower creatinine level naturally.

Understand Creatinine:

Without understanding the creatinine, you can’t lower it down. Therefore, if you want to lower down the it’s levels, you should understand it. This waste product is produced when metabolism substance fails to convert food into the energy. Secondly, you should measure the it’s level in your body. For this reason, doctors will recommend creatinine clearance tests. After doing these tests, you should interpret the results of these tests.

While interpreting the results of creatinine tests, if you know that your it’s level has been increased from the normal level, you should try to know why the increase in the it’s levels has occurred. The high level may occur due to lots of reasons. In these reasons, there come renal failure or impairment, muscle destruction, high intake of meat and hypothyroidism etc. After knowing the main causes of high level, you can easily control them. This is also the best way to work to lower it’s level naturally.

Use Herbal Remedies:

You can also lower creatinine level by using some herbal remedies. First, you should try green tea or herbal tea. According to health professionals, herbal tea or green tea can lower down the it’s level in the blood. You should drink 250-ml of herbal or green tea daily. The main idea behind this herbal remedy is that green or herbal tea can stimulate the kidney. After stimulating the kidney, it increases the production of urine. As a result, most of the it will be passed out of the body. Secondly, you can also lower down the creatinine level by taking nettle leaf supplements.

Nettle leaf can increase your renal excretion. As a result, the excess amount of creatinine will be removed from your blood. There are histamines and flavonoids in the nettle leaf supplements. These components are helpful to you to increase the rate of blood flow in your kidney. Salvia is also an essential herb to increase the glomerular filtration rate in your kidney. It is helpful for you to facilitate the elimination of it.

Make Some Changes In The Lifestyle:

A study by a dissertation help firm shows that by making some necessary changes in your lifestyle, you can also lower creatinine level. First of all, you should watch your fluid intake. According to research, dehydration is one of the main causes of increasing your creatinine level. Staying hydrated is the best way to decrease your creatinine level. For this reason, you will have to drink six to eight glasses of water. When you increase your fluid intake, your body will wash out more urine. As a result, a huge amount of creatinine will also be washed out from your body along with urine. Secondly, you will have to restrict your activity level.

No doubt, exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Now, the problem is that if you are taking exercise, your body will convert food into energy. This thing will increase the level of it’s in your body. Therefore, by restricting the activity level, you can lower creatinine level in your body. Thirdly, you should sleep well. If you are sleeping well, most of your body functions will stop. This thing decreases the creation of the it’s in your body.

Take Medications:

By taking medications, you can also decrease creatinine levels naturally. First of all, you should contact your doctor. Your doctor will tell about certain medications that are becoming the cause of increasing the level. You should stop these medications. Secondly, you should prepare a list of all the medications and supplements that will be helpful to you to lower creatinine level. The creatinine patients should prepare this list after getting recommendations from the doctor. If you are a diabetes patient, you should be very careful.

Its reason is that if the level of sugar will increase in your blood, it will also become a cause of increasing the creatine level in your blood. Hypertension patients should also take medications to lower down their blood pressure. The higher blood pressure can also increase the creatinine level. You should be careful while taking antibiotics to control it. The incorrect use of these antibiotics will become a cause of kidney failure. Anyhow, you can take medications that can control the it’s level in your body. You should take these meditations only after getting permission from your doctor.

Make Necessary Changes In Your Diet:

If you are suffering from the high creatinine level in your blood, you will have to make necessary changes in your diet plan. By making necessary changes in your diet plan, you can easily lower creatinine level in your blood. You should limit the intake of sodium. If you are taking enough amount of sodium, it will increase your blood pressure. Therefore, you should stay away from salty foods and drinks. You should keep away from protein-rich foods to lower it’s level.

Protein-rich foods can also increase the creatinine levels in your body. You should eat more and more plant-based foods. These plant-based foods will not only decrease the level of it but it will also decrease the chances of kidney failure. You should avoid phosphorous rich foods.  The phosphorous rich foods have a high concentration of creatines. You should also limit the consumption of sodium. It means that you should not eat dried fruits, bananas and potatoes. You should also stay away from the creatinine supplements.

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