The 10 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat Every Day

The 10 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat Every Day

The food we eat can lead to an alkaline or acidic blood pH, which in turn has a significant effect on our health. Studies have shown that the more alkaline we become the better we function and the more active we feel.

The alkaline state increases vitality, keeps the body healthy, and significantly increases life expectancy. It helps us lose weight, lower blood pressure, destroy cancer cells, avoid cardiovascular disease, soothe arthritis, and feel younger and stronger.

Foods that make our body acidic include white flour, meats, eggs, fish, dairy, coffee, alcohol, sugar, fried foods. Sweeteners, drugs, and environmental toxins also cause acidity, as do stress, anger, and toxic emotions. 

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Prevailing modern diets and modern lifestyles are generally very acidic, and it takes practice and great care to keep our bodies in an alkaline state. But the good news is that there is an abundance of delicious, healthy and nutritious alkaline foods that can be added to our daily diet and reduce the body’s acidity. We’ll feel more active, less stressed, and have a body that functions optimally for long-term sustainability. has collected the 10 most alkaline foods for our new lifestyle: 


Creamy and delicious avocados  have a pH of 8.0 which not only alkalizes our entire body but also helps neutralize other acidic foods in our stomach. You can add them to your salads, or eat them cut in half with salt and pepper.

Ripe bananas

Most of us make the mistake of eating bananas almost unripe, which can lead to constipation and incomplete absorption of substances. Ripe bananas have spots on the skin and peel easily which means they are ready to eat and provide us with lots of vitamins, minerals and lots of alkalinity.


Most nuts are acidic but almonds and their milk are amazing sources of health, vitality and alkalinity. They help reduce cholesterol, improve brain function, digestion and create a perfectly balanced alkalinity in the body. 


Known as the most powerful alkaline food in nature, asparagus also provides us with plenty of fiber, water, vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging antioxidants. Their pH is 8.5, making them an amazing addition to any meal.


Watermelon has a pH of 9.0 and is rich in vitamins , minerals, and water for electrolyte balance. Lots of toxin-reducing fiber makes it a great food for a strong dose of alkalinity. 

Cayenne pepper 

Cayenne is an antibacterial spice that has a pH of 8.5, helps blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, neutralizes toxins and enhances brain function  .


It is known for the aid it gives to digestion, for soothing digestive diseases. This is due to their highly nutritious alkaline flesh, which is rich in fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals. 

Lemon Tree

Lemons may taste strongly acidic, but through the digestive tract they are metabolized into highly alkaline substances, which benefit the entire body In fact lemons are an excellent source of alkalinity which makes it a good idea to add a few slices or some lemon juice to our water glass. 


This anti-cancer cruciferous vegetable is apparently a very good alkaline food. It provides plenty of fiber and nutrients that boost our health.


Garlic , in addition to flavoring our dishes, helps neutralize acidic foods such as meat, fish, cheese and egg. Combined with green vegetables it offers a powerful combination of fiber, nutrients and alkalinity. 

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