Why I’m Grateful for My Struggle with Binge Eating

Why I’m Grateful for My Struggle with Binge Eating

What does binge eating mean? In simple words, this is the process of absorbing food without feeling hungry, it is the seizing of stress with a large amount of Eating food. This is more than just a feeling of hunger, it is uncontrolled consumption of food, both healthy and not very good.

To recognize binge eating disorder, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • you eat faster than others or the pace of the meal is different from your usual;
  • you eat until it becomes physically ill;
  • you eat absolutely everything and everywhere, regardless of whether there is a feeling of hunger or not;
  • you prefer to eat alone because you are ashamed of how much you eat;
  • after eating, you feel guilty and depressed, and constantly try to diet.

People with compulsive eating disorder are characterized by the fact that they often go on diets, and they have some excess weight in their youth. About half of them experienced stress in childhood, and they often eat because of anger, because of sadness, from longing and boredom.

How to deal with this?

The first thing to do is ask for help . It is not necessary to look for a specialist in this field, your relatives or friends may well help you. Tell them about your suspicions and concerns, speak out your problem out loud, and it will immediately become easier to deal with it.

Secondtry not to label your lifestyle.  Labeling yourself positively at any stage of the development of an eating disorder can help you recover. The same goes for the foods you consume. Stop dividing them into good and bad, harmful and useful. Each can be healthy – even a burger, fries, and cream cake – if you eat a little. At least for your mental health.

ThirdSlow down the pace. If you catch yourself thinking that you are starting to eat faster and more than the norm, stop and ask yourself the question: “Am I really still hungry? Need another slice of pizza? “

FourthChange the place . Changing your eating habits can have a positive effect on your eating habits. Most often, compulsive overeating is “afraid” of public places, so you can dine in cafes and dine with friends. If this is not possible, then just try changing the location within your own apartment.

Fifth: Forget dieting . Overeating and strict dieting are two sides of the same coin. Compulsive overeating including. A limited diet leads to stress, aggression and anxiety, and this, in turn, leads to the desire to get rid of psychological discomfort with the help of the refrigerator. By the way, eating healthy and varied is not so difficult.

Most importantly, remember that binge eating is not a disease and is easy to deal with!

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